This course is designed to extend and apply students’ understanding of functions and the connection between algebraic skills and functions. Students come into this course with a solid foundation of linear and quadratic functions and having been exposed to exponential, absolute value, piecewise, and simple radical functions. This course emphasizes polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Students will also have the opportunity to master more sophisticated algebraic skills and apply many of them to their work with functions. In addition to the algebraic skills the students will apply to functions, the students will work with rational and radical expressions and equations. Furthermore, students will reengage with univariate statistics and apply their work of inferences, conclusions, and possible solutions to real-world problems. Bivariate statistics will provide students a meaningful context in which to apply their understanding of functions to real-world problems and data sets and use those functions to interpolate and extrapolate data points. Finally, students will extend their understanding of probability from the 7th grade to work with conditional probabilities and probability rules.