Welcome to my page!  I am Misty Guillory.  The students call me Mrs. Coach!  I am the lead special education teacher at Eunice High.  I also teach girls' physical education. I have been a part of the Eunice High Faculty Family for 7 years.  I have been teaching for 13 years.  I love my students and look forward to contributing to their academic and personal success.  If at any time you would like to speak or meet with me, please feel free to email me.  If you would prefer to reach me via telephone, please call the front office at (337)457-3011 and leave a message.  
Mrs. Coach's 2016-2017 Class Schedule:
1st Hour:       7:58 - 8:50      Girls' PE
2nd Hour:      8:53 - 9:44      Special Education
3rd Hour:       9:49 - 10:40    Special Education
Lunch: 10:40 - 11:09
4th Hour:     11:12 - 12:03    Girls' PE
5th Hour:     12:06 - 12:58    Special Education
6th Hour:       1:01 - 1:52      Special Education
7th Hour:       1:57 - 2:54      Planning Period
Be Responsible     Be Respectful     Be Safe