FBLA members get a chance to exhibit their leadership skills, compete with other schools around the state, and meet members from around the state. 

To become a member you must:
  *Have taken or be enrolled in a business class (IBCA, BCA, Accounting, etc.)

  *Print out the membership application and fill it out

  *Pay $15 dues by the due date


What our year consists of:
  *Fundraiser (October/November)
  *District Conference (Janurary/February)
  *State Conference (March)


Sign up for FBLA Remind messages by texting @r2v to the number 81010

FBLA Creed
I believe education is the right of every person.
I believe the future depends on mutual understanding and cooperation among

business, industry, labor, religious, family and educational institutions, as well as

people around the world. I agree to do my utmost to bring about understanding and

cooperation among all of these groups.
I believe every person should prepare for a useful occupation and carry on the

occupation in a manner that brings the greatest good to the greatest number.
I believe every person should actively work toward improving social, political,

community and family life.
I believe every person has the right to earn a living at a useful occupation.
I believe every person should take responsibility for carrying out assigned tasks in a

manner that brings credit to self, associates, school and community.
I believe I have the responsibility to work efficiently and to think clearly.
I promise to use my abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.