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Algebra I

Welcome! I am very excited to start the 2016-2017 school year. This will be my fourth year teaching Algebra I at Eunice High, and this is my 12th year teaching high school math (8 of which were at Welsh High School).
Algebra I will begin where 8th grade ended: linear equations in one and two variables and linear functions. In Algebra I students will increase their procedural skill and fluency in solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable. Additionally, students will deepen their understanding of linear equations and inequalities in two variables. Also, the course will emphasize modeling with linear equations and inequalities, culminating with solving systems of both linear equations and inequalities. From there, the course shifts to developing a deeper understanding of functions. Students will focus on linear and exponential functions by exploring situations that could be modeled by either a linear function or an exponential function. Then students will move to studying quadratic equations and functions, including identifying key elements of graphs, transformations with functions, and identifying domain and range. Students will apply these newly developed understandings and skills with functions to simple radical functions and then to piecewise-defined functions. The course concludes with a study of bivariate and univariate statistics to develop necessary understandings and skills the students will need for their study of statistics in Algebra II.
Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Safe 
Every week I will assign an online assignment. This is a great tool for students! Not only does it review recent concepts/sections with them, it also prepares them for their End Of Course Exam which will be in the same format! Please make sure you are completing the assignments. They are assigned on Wednesdays and due the following Wednesday. See me with any questions! 20 points each week.
Starting January 9th, I will be posting lessons on Educreations! This has been very helpful in the past for students who miss a class or just like to review what we did in class that day. You just have to go to, type in the code, and create an account.
Please see me with any questions!
Regular Algebra I Students use: LGEVAEA
Honors Algebra I Students use: VHBBHJX

Here is an estimate of what we will be covering and the corresponding dates. This is subject to change. Make sure to sign up for (via the given code) for updates.